Our Vision

To realize a seamless, efficient and effective logistics system and operations that meets the requirements of Ethiopia and the International Standards.

Our Mission

To understand, support and advocate the requirements of logistics service providers, users, government and, other stakeholders through appropriate legislation, policy, processes, procedures, and operational performance, thereby to realize to bring about reliable, effective, efficient and highly integrated logistics operations in Ethiopia.

Board & Governance

ELSA 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Ethio Logistics Sectorial Association 2020-2025 Strategic Plan will deliver on ELSA’s goal to implement a step change in the way in which it advocates on behalf of the logistics industry to improve supply chain efficiency. ELSA will achieve this by adopting a more proactive approach to government advocacy and industry engagement.

ELSA will work in collaboration with its members and other stakeholders to promote and encourage greater recognition by government and the community of the importance of the logistics industry’s contribution to Ethiopia’s economy.

ELSA will work with government at all levels to ensure it considers the needs of logistics in its investment and policy decisions in order to develop efficient national supply chains and to maximize their benefits to the national economy.

A productive, effective and efficient logistics industry is important to all. It supports all sectors of the economy including our import, export, manufacturing, energy, communications and construction sectors.

This Strategic Plan ensures that ELSA will maintain and proactively build on its advocacy excellence and collaboration to ensure Ethiopia has efficient, effective, secure, reliable, sustainable and internationally competitive supply chains.

Strategic Goal

  • To provide a link between industry, government and community to promote effective logistics supply chain policy with regard to regulation, infrastructure, safety and technology.
  • Supporting government and logistics service providers with research and best practice
  • Creating efficient and effective logistics system in Ethiopia
  • Upgrading capacity and capabilities of domestic service providers
  • Supporting and assuring cargo owners including end users get effective and efficient logistics services.